Wushu belts landing page

Click on the links below to go to the various Belt pages. You have access to all the belt colors you have achieved already plus the belt you are going for next.

White Belt (includes Baby Longfist, Wu Bu Quan)

Yellow Belt (includes First Basic Form)

Orange Belt (includes 1st half of Second Basic Form and Middle Staff)

Green Belt (includes Second Basic Form Second Half, Elementary Staff, and Middle Longfist)

Purple Belt (includes Elementary Broadsword, Elementary Straightsword)

Blue Belt (includes Compulsory Longfist, Children’s Compulsory Longfist)

Red Belt (includes Compulsory Broadsword, Compulsory Straightsword, Compulsory Staff)

Brown Belt (includes the 3rd Compulsory Routines)

Black Belt (includes Optional Routines)

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